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NOBEL LAUREATE CALLS FOR A NEW WORLD VISION: “Human Creativity Can Overcome Any Problem”

Dr. Muhammad Yunus—the man whose economic ideas may have benefitted more people now living than any other person on the planet—accepted the 2012 Transformational Leadership Award from the Wright Foundation for Transformational Leadership in an inspiring event on Friday evening, April 27.

The Foundation honored Dr. Yunus for his achievements as the pioneer and catalyst of the microfinance movement, as a social entrepreneur, and as a visionary humanitarian helping others to reach their potential.

“Through his revolutionary expansion of microcredit, he has lifted more people out of dire poverty than anyone in our lifetime," said U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) in his introduction of Dr. Yunus. “More than 160 million people on five continents have received microloans thanks to the inspiration and leadership of Muhammad Yunus.”

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